The author of this blog, Leann Reid, has a Masters’ Degree in Special Education from Kansas State University.  After 16 years of advocating and teaching young people with various disabilities, she needed to retire due to her own physical and communication difficulties.  Ms. Reid was formally diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, an auto-immune disease that slowly damages the brain and spinal cord, in 2002.

It is her desire to continue using her knowledge, experience, and understanding to continue  advocating for persons of all ages who are fighting conditions or diseases that are difficult to explain to loved-ones. May you find the information on this blog helpful.

  1. Hi, Leann,

    I am working with Fantastic Frank (Johnson) whose story, along with yours, is in the soon to be released Chicken Soup for the Soul book.

    FF has a radio show on the Brain Injury Radio Network (www.braininjuryradionetwork.com) and he would like you to be a guest on his show or one of the many other shows to tell your story. We’re looking to interview as many Chicken Soup contributors as possible leading up to the June 24 book launch date.

    For more information, you can contact me directly at Laurie@BlueDogMarketing or Fantastic Frank at iamfantasticfrank@gmail.com or 585-202-1603.

    Thank you!

    Laurie Enos

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