Advocacy Opportunity Update: Kansas Legislature

This is an area where we cannot skimp for persons with disabilities. It’s already next to impossible to find educated employees due to the lowest pay rates for State paid workers. Agencies with good workers are already too expensive for us to pay.

The Kansas City Disability Advocacy Network

Image from KMBC. Image from KMBC.

As of the typing of this post, the Kansas legislature has rejected a bill that would increase taxes by over $400 million to fill a budget shortfall.  This means that there could be potential cuts to the state budget if a bill is not passed because the constitution for the state of Kansas requires a balanced budget.  According to the Kansas Public Radio website:

The tax increases would have balanced a $15.4 billion budget already approved by the Republican-dominated Legislature.  The state’s budget problems arose after legislators slashed income taxes in 2012 and 2013 at GOP Governor Sam Brownback’s urging.  The Kansas Constitution prohibits the state from running a deficit. Brownback’s budget director warned lawmakers this week failing to pass a tax bill would lead to across-the-board spending cuts.  House GOP leaders held the roll open for four hours over two days but couldn’t get the…

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