Why Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI’s) are serious?

I can no longer remain quiet regarding what I know about Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI).  I assumed people understood the damage multiple TBI’s could cause.  I heard boxers, football players, and hockey players struggle to speak in short simple sentences on T.V.  Wasn’t that proof repeated blows to the head would destroy a person’s brain?

The brain continues to be one of the greatest unknowns in medicine.  Every learning differentiation, many diseases, physical disabilities, and behavioral abnormalities are rooted inside the cranium.

When I stop to consider how the bones of the head grow together after birth, it becomes easier to comprehend the damage even one blow to the head inflicts. Much like the earth’s tectonic plates, the bones of the head grow together unevenly.  Inside the cranium,

Read my story #97 to see how TBI affected my life.

Read my story #97 to see how TBI affected my life.

mountains of sharp bone can protrude against the brain.  If a brain is damaged by one blow to the head, then he may have sharp bone fissures tearing at his brain tissue.  It is also the reason reputable child-care professionals take head injuries more seriously these days.  For a child with sharper bone growth, one blow is enough to disable or end their life.

This helps explain why several people can be in the same vehicle at the time of an automobile accident and have varied degrees of brain damage.  Despite what our parents taught us, all bumps to the head do some damage.  The area of the brain that absorbed the brunt of the trauma determines which ability is impacted.

Will there be a time when children’s brains are scanned to determine their risk level for a TBI?  Will professional sports start taking TBI’s more seriously?  Will society continue to glorify and push children into competitive sports where head trauma is sustained?

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