The Ever-evolving Work Program

In my last blog, I described how a person could purchase Medicaid to receive the benefits of ‘The Working Healthy Program’. I wondered why anyone would work so hard only to give all their pay to the State of Kansas. ‘The Work Program’ is the answer. It is an unpublicized program under ‘The Working Healthy Program’. Only a handful of Kansas Medicaid workers know about the power and freedom this program provides.

Now that's the way to fish.

Now that’s the way to fish.

Designed for persons drawing SSDI who don’t receive Medicaid, ‘The Work Program’ only affects a small percentage of Kansans. It picks up the costs of many Medicare co-pays on prescriptions and doctor’s visits. Medicaid also provides special monies for home health assistance which allows a person to work. The State will pony-up the Medicare premiums, too. The Kansan, who’s disabled and uses vocational rehab to learn new skills for employment, can build a 401K, savings account, etc. without the loss of Medicaid services immediately.

The biggest struggle for someone with a degenerative disease is to stay healthy and work simultaneously. If their health deteriorates, then all the assistance disappears because they can no longer pay for Medicaid. Then again, a person needs to check these facts periodically because the rules of the game change.

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