My Kingdom for a Handicap Accessible Throne

Growing up without a physical challenge, I rarely thought about the differences in toilets. Even spending an inordinate amount of time at the plumbing storehouse with my dad, didn’t prepare me for what I’ve now painfully learned. Just because there’s a bigger door around a toilet, does not mean it is handicap accessible.
An accessible toilet bowl is elongated and a few inches taller than a general toilet. This makes transfers from wheelchairs easier. It is much easier on arthritic hip joints.
Being independent, I’m expected to carry around everything I may need. This explains my various carts on wheels. Now, am I expected to carry a toilet seat extender everywhere I go? Would you want to stand next to a person carrying a toilet seat?
In a nation where everything is supposed to be accessible, would it be too much to ask for the proper toilets? Most public facilities save money by placing shorter toilets behind those accessible toilet doors.
The next time you hear someone scream in pain or struggle to pull themselves up into a wheelchair, please ponder what I’ve shared. When a school is rebuilt or a new church building is planned, will you be the one to stand up for a few accessible toilet bowls?
Don’t even get me started on the cleanliness of the toilets…

A Handicap Accessible Toilet

A Handicap Accessible Toilet

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