Visual Aids to Enhance Cognition

Visual Modifications

This blog is dedicated to anyone with memory, auditory processing, language, or behavioral transition issues.  Our brains process information uniquely which requires more personal visual accommodations.

The day of cutting and pasting social stories or visual schedules together, is over.  My recommendation is to invest in an on-line service to create visual schedules, calendars, social stories, memory books, etc.

Adult Visual Schedule                    Image

We depend on visual modification.  Our visual field can become overwhelmed in our attempts to rearrange our environment with many visual reminders.

Image     Signal that visual memory is struggling.

Younger children may need to have the font, size, or color of text converted for their textbooks. That is why a service to reconfigure or update the visuals saves time. The items also need to be durable and transportable.

My favorite service is Pixingo.  Go to to see visual memory aids.

Social story & Memory Book  DSC00060                                                  DSC00061

These tools work best if they provide current pictures of children with their names and/or relationships to us.  It allows for easier recall of speech or memory.  For this size of book, one or two sentences would be the most print to use per page.  A dry erase poster serves as a memory board for chores, steps to complete a task, or post names with new pictures for  persons with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.

Do you have any specific questions about designing visual aids? Visual fields?

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