Great Expectations

Each parent envisions dreams and expectations for their child before their birth. If their child comes into the world with ten fingers and toes, they breathe a sigh of relief.  Their dreams can continue on schedule.  Or, can they?

Not all cognitive or physical differences are diagnosed at birth.  In fact, more medical conditions become apparent with age.  Upon diagnosis, parents and friends mourn over the loss of the expectations they had for the aforementioned child.

The loss is real and needs to be addressed by a professional.  When parents speak with professionals, they receive much-needed perspective for re-development of their expectations.  Without a sounding board and safe place to express anger, families may self-destruct.  This is why parents of a child with special needs are more likely to end in divorce than other marriages.

In order to re-develop plans for your child, you need education from medical and educational consultants.  They guide families toward positive milestones, treatments, and unconditional acceptance.  Your loved one, who is focused on surviving, cannot manage

Children naturally celebrate new abilities.

Children naturally celebrate new abilities.

your grief and their own.

Focus on growth and recovery of skills.  Celebrate even the smallest improvements.

What is the craziest situation you’ve created in order to make your child meet your expectations?

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