Medical Decisions are Adult Decisions

I believe that parents of children with special medical or mental health needs have been chosen by God to be incredibly strong.  They also must be consistent and persistent about parental  boundaries and decisions with their children.  Parents grow tired of the repetition, public outbursts,  tight scheduling, and slow progress.  It’s natural that a parent chooses to let their elementary-aged child make decisions that seem small regarding their own health care or education. 

Unfortunately, I’ve seen some tragic situations arise from adults allowing children to refuse or fight treatments necessary for children with special needs.  First, their brains are not able to process and foresee long-term consequences.  Secondly, children with special needs have cognitive delays which does not allow them to mature at the same rate as their peers.  Knowing these two facts alone, why would a parent allow the child to refuse treatment or educational assistance?

This is the only country where I see this happening.  Children need a solid foundation of social rules by which to live in our world.  When adults give way to children with special needs, the kids learn that rules and laws do not apply to them and people will back down if they push hard enough.  It is no wonder that these children statistically have an increased chance of landing in the prison system or dead.  The medical treatment that your child fights today can save your child’s life one day.  Being as consistent as possible when your child is young, is much easier than watching them hurt themselves and others in high school.

 In the coming days, I’ll share secrets about working with young people who need rules, boundaries, and limitations to be very clear.  The little decisions that parents make when their children are young, will matter for the rest of their lives.


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