What Medicare doesn’t cover…

If you or a loved one has a rare disease that requires unique medications not covered by any Medicare plan, please do not ever give up looking for assistance!  While I am not an expert on medical insurance, I learn more every year.  It is that time of year where I have to stick with what I’ve been doing or see if there is another prescription plan that would be more beneficial, otherwise known as Open Enrollment.

Personally, I am trying a Medicare Advantage Plan this year.  There are several preventative advantages to be gained that will help me pay for alternatives to pain medication.  For instance, I’ll receive a pass to use the YMCA arthritis aqua classes.  There will be a discount for over-the-counter medicines I take for allergies and medical supplies I need regularly.  Massage therapy and chiropractic care are also included with this Advantage Plan.

Since there isn’t a Medicare prescription plan that covers the medicine that I take to control M.S. exacerbations, I continue to fill out tons of forms to apply for financial assistance.  The retail price of my rare medication is $4000 a month.  If my co-pay is 20% then I pay $200 a month.  That is 2 weeks of food for myself and my companion dog.  Through the years, I’ve received assistance from the National Organization for Rare Diseases, Chronic Disease Fund, and Assistance Fund.  Each year I fill out a small mountain of paperwork to find funding for my prescription.  Then I pray the fund still has money to give.

I want to encourage parents and family to keep fighting and asking questions for alternative funding sources.  I dread this time of year like you do.  Wondering if the funding will be there?  Hoping that there is a back-up funding source if the organization folds.  My advice…do not ever, ever, ever, ever give up.

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