Creative Gifts

With the holidays fast approaching, some parents are frantic.  For children with limited mobility, a parent has to be more creative about gifts.  It’s hard to find interactive toys that include just the right amount of physical activity.  Any toy that allows them to use their muscles or do something outside of their wheelchairs builds neuro-pathways.

Visiting with physical and occupational therapists, is beneficial for parents.  They know about adaptive equipment that is safe and fun.  For most children with limited mobility, there are specific exercises or muscular manipulations that will allow your child more range of motion.  A beach ball can allow a child to strike with their legs or arms.  The beach ball is lightweight and flies further than a regular ball.  Balloons or bubbles are precursor toys to the beach ball.

For the child that is building breath support, buy them a little tape player with microphones.  Then they don’t have to use so much energy to speak.  This allows them to speak longer.

Instead of taking the family ice skating, try going swimming.  Water’s buoyancy will allow your child to float and take pressure off of their joints.  They can move all their extremities freely.  The whole family can play and no one feels left out.

There are electronic toys that can be activated with large push buttons.  Children can activate their own electronic pet or truck.  I’d also check with local organizations that have toy banks for children with special needs.  The Coalition for Independence or Assistive Technology for Kansans are very helpful organizations in Kansas City.

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