Living Underwater

There are dozens diseases and illnesses that list fatigue as a symptom.  This is one way that your body tells you that something is wrong.  We’ve all felt a little of what it is like to live with fatigue when we have a flu virus.

My elders started warning me that my body would slow down after 30 years old.  So, when I was experiencing M.S. fatigue, I told my doctors that 29 years of age was hitting me like a ton of bricks.  Not long after, I was diagnosed with M.S.

I often hear people complain of fatigue or understanding how it must feel.  This inspired me to think of a way that other able-bodied people could understand true fatigue.  Most of us have had an opportunity to exercise in water.  What is it like to walk fast or try to change direction underwater?  Then when you re-enter the gravity of walking on land you have a feeling of a great workout and exhaustion.  This is how it feels for a person with M.S. fatigue on land 24/7.  It also explains our need to sit after short walks.

I want to encourage anyone who is feeling true fatigue from doing everyday activities to visit your doctor.  As I mentioned before, there are many reasons for fatigue.  It is not all in your head.  Many illnesses can even be cured and end living underwater for you.

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