Cost of Living= $500/month

The MS Society researched the cost of living with a degenerative disease. The estimate was $69,000 a year. How many people do you think earn that much money a year? How many have a degenerative disease and still work?
If that thought isn’t depressing enough for you, then there is even worse news. In the state of Kansas, a person with a disability is supposed to be able to live on $500/ month. That’s right. Can you pay rent, utilities, food, insurance, medical premiums and co-pay’s for $500/ month?

People assume that everyone that is disabled automatically receives government subsidies like food stamps, Medicaid, etc. This is not true. If someone draws more than $500/ month in SSDI, they may not receive public assistance.

In fact, if the disabled wait to be fired from their jobs, they will receive Medicaid under Unemployment.  But, if we retire early or resign, we will not receive Medicaid.  In an ecomony like ours, who do you think will hire someone with physical disabilities and pay them $69,000/ year?

As you go to the voting booths, please remember this post and know this… neither candidate has a clue about this loophole.  Could you live on $500/ month?

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