The Lord God designed everything in my life for a purpose according to His Will for my life.  Even the fact that I have a progressively disabling condition, was predestined by Him.  He started preparing me for this life when I was very young.

My Kindergarten teacher was not a very pleasant woman, and I’m afraid that I did not make her life any easier.  I remember her placing me in the back of the classroom, placing big red check marks on my listening lesson book, and frowning at me a lot.  Being a people pleaser, I found this puzzling.

That spring my mother, an elementary teacher, asked to have my hearing tested at school.  This started a frenzy of doctor visits and hearing tests over the course of my summer vacation.  It turned out, that the reason that I made my teacher frown so much, is that I was legally deaf.

At the age of six, I started learning what it was like to adapt the world to my abilities.  I also learned that I needed to be able to trust the Lord with every fear in my imaginative little six-year-old mind.  Had I not made that decision at six, I do not know if I would be the same person that I am today.

Had the Lord not started early in preparing me for my life today, I would not keep fighting what is a losing battle against my body.  Then again, aren’t we all fighting a losing battle trying to keep our bodies working when we know that each of us will parish from this earth?  So I keep my eyes on the prize of Salvation in Jesus Christ when I leave this life. Just as I trusted the Lord as my Saviour, when I was just six.

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